Creative butter ideas

Butter is such a versatile ingredient. Here are some creative ideas I know you’ll love!

Butter molds

Make your holiday meals even more special by using pumpkin, turkey, or rabbit-shaped butter molds.

Add butter to chili

When you make your favorite chili recipe this Fall don’t forget to add two pats of butter on top for special creaminess in both the chili and the chili sauce.

Have a butter party

We bet you’ve never heard of this. It’s a great way to entertain while not spending a lot of money on entrées. Bake your favorite bread and create a series of flavored butter that your guests can test and choose their favorite.  Some of our favorite kinds of butter include garlic butter and cinnamon honey brown sugar butter.

Melted butter on steaks

As the final accompaniment, brush your steaks on the grill or in the oven with melted butter. The tastiest way to do this is to make garlic butter and melt it for the perfect taste, just like a steakhouse.

Tabasco butter

Just add 2 teaspoons of Tabasco to melted butter and brush on chicken wings for an added kick. Perfect!

Have a butter dessert party

Looking for a fun way to get some amazing butter ideas. Send invitations asking people to bring one dessert that features butter along with their recipes to a party. You might even serve a small sample of butter coffee in a shot glass. We use Bodum shot glasses from Amazon because they are heat resistant and excellent for creating espresso shots. Make sure to try different variations of flavored butter. This cinnamon, honey, and brown sugar butter recipe is one of our favorites.